Scriptina Bridal Hoodie - Groom's Mum

Scriptina Bridal Hoodie - Groom's Mum

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The bride’s big day is shared with two other special women and one of them is the mother of the groom.  Let them show off their special status with our dazzling crystal diamante rhinestone Mother of the Groom Hoodie.

1. Choose the hoodie colour you would like.

(Please note size 20 is only available in black and white) .

2. Now choose your size.

3. Next choose Rhinestone Colour you would like to be used for Mother of the Groom.

4. Pick the quantity of hoodies you require.

5. Then add to basket and complete your purchase.


·         We will then prepare your vest and should have it ready for shipping to you

·         The size of the crystal diamante rhinestone text can vary.

              (This is because it is dependent on the hoodie size and the amount of letters used)